“The proof that the little prince existed is that he was charming, that he laughed, and that he was looking for a sheep. If anybody wants a sheep, that is a proof that he exists.”

((An Independent Roleplay/Ask blog for The Little Prince from Antoine De Saint-Exupery's novel "Le Petit Prince". Multiverse Friendly~

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"J’aime bien les couchers de soleil. Allons voir un coucher de soleil."

Munday Questions.

❤ How long have you been RPing?

❥ How long have you been RPing this character?

유 Who was your first muse?

♋ What drew you to this muse?

☮ Is there anything you don’t like about playing this muse?

✌ What is the easiest aspect of playing this muse?

☏ What is the most challenging aspect of playing this muse?

☢ How many active muses do you have?

☠ Who is a muse you would want to play?

☤ What do you have in common with your muse?

☑ What are the biggest differences between you and your muse?

♚ Do you and your muse get along?

▲ Of the two of you, who is more mature, you or your muse?

♪ Are you comfortable playing your muse?

✈ Is it easier to write angst, fluff, or crack with your muse?

⌚ Is it easier for you to write as canon characters or OCs?


The Little Prince taught Momo how to take care of her time flower


Princes and Flowers by ErinPtah

Fiore recalls the tiny planetoid, its three volcanoes, and its three inhabitants—one of them a mysterious flower. It sang its song to Fiore, and Fiore, in love and reverence, obediently stuffed the bodies of the sheep and its little master into the one active volcano. The flower will never be lonely again.

ShadowJack Watches Sailor Moon, recapping the SMR movie.


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"What—now?” the older boy fell back on his bed in dismay. He mulled it over and considered how he’d get out of this one.

"Say, why not take one over to Joe Harper? He’d be better at readin’ it out loud. He can do the voices n’ such however you like."

It was unthinkable that Tom would let one of his prized books leave his sight, but that was a small sacrifice for his own peace and he hoped the Prince would accept the bargain. 

Slightly disturbed at Tom’s reaction, the Prince refrained from huffing out—‘You are not doing anything now.’

True. The Little Prince enjoyed when Joe told stories, and it wasn’t as though he wouldn’t request a tale or two from the red-headed boy. To turn them down was a loss; yet, he wondered what was keeping Tom uninterested. It was somewhat an oddity to think he would turn down reading, but perhaps not impossible. 

With a sigh and a heavy heart, the shorter boy slid back off the bed and sulkily ambled on over to the collection of books. Crouching low to get a better look at the spines. He crossed his arms over his knees and rested his head atop them so only his eyes would unenthusiastically scan the titles. It took him a few moments in distracted silence before he’d finally focused on the titles and gathered he was struggling with reading some of them, and instead of pulling one out at random he uttered,”Which one should I choose?”

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The Little Prince  by  Antoine de Saint-Exupery
     ”I wonder,” he said, “whether the stars are set alight in heaven so that one day each one of us may find his own again…”

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