Dirty Little Paws (starter for sam-nd-eric)


The twins turned around as the prince called to them. It seemed like he called to them a lot, but they only now just heard it. They looked up at the other boy and gave him confused looked. 

"Something wrong?" One boy asked.
"Are you okay with all this? Can you swim?"
The boys looked the other boy over. He didn’t have wings or a broken leg, so he should be alright with going in water.

"No I can’t, I do not have any oceans or lakes at my home…" he explained while following the skid-marks to the edge where the plane met its demise into the ocean. Large bodies of water were not fearsome to him, but he knew he wasn’t compatible with them and therefore, would not go further than where he could walk or where the tide wouldn’t pull him away.

"Are we able to see it from here? Is it distinguishable?"

A Fellow Traveler (RP with traveling-little-prince)// B-612 AU



"And mean to say, I do not intend to.”


Grownups. Always needed explaining.

In an effort to change the subject, the prince turned his interest over to the doors, specifically the glass windows. Curiously, he went over to the doors and stood on his toes to peers outwardly. Unfortunately, he was too small to really see much at level,”How long does it take to get to Earth with this machine anyway?”

       ”Good enough.” He gave a curt little nod the boy’s way. “Glad we’re on the same page.”

       Ten looked over from the console, walking up to the boy with his hands in his pockets. “—Oh, seconds! It’s far faster than your flock ‘a birds, believe you me.”

"But we are not there yet, are we?" If so, then that was not only the fastest trip, but the smoothest as well.

He stopped his effort to peer outside when all he could manage to see were the stars.

A Subtle Remix


If he hadn’t heard it coming from the moment the men began their “retreat”, he could well be dead.

Because he had, there was no point in considering any other potential outcome; the entire attempt to catch him off guard was just as futile as charging had been. Perhaps even more so, as the men were no longer in fighting stances.

Bansai feigned surprise at the man’s outburst, but wasted no time flinching at his attack — taking advantage of the blind confidence behind the strike to slip past it. There was more time to react than it would seem; he could have bypassed the man altogether, or caught his hand, or tripped him.

Instead, he did what he did best — without a moment’s hesitation, Bansai ran his sword right through the man’s middle, as far as momentum would allow.

This was no longer about protecting the boy, if indeed it had been to begin with. This was a response to a personal threat.

"I thought nothing of the sort." His reply was cold, distant. "Nor am I asking you to fear me. Never have I requested such a thing of anyone. Nonetheless…"

With visible effort, he pulled the sword out, taking a step back to regain his balance.

"…I daresay it would be a wise choice."

That did it, the rest of them took one look at their fallen leader and his murderer and immediately dropped their weapons, escaping quickly with their tail between their legs, nearly falling over each other on getting away.

The Little Prince on the other hand, was speechless once more. His eyes widened, a hand grasping his mouth to suppress either a gasp or whatever this sense of nausea would bring him. He was horrified, yet at the same time, his heart was full of rage and disappointment.

The boy yielded to say anything after experiencing the man who was supposed to be on his side had…killed a person, he wasn’t feeling at all safe around here. But once the courage was built up, and that nauseating feeling was less bubbly, his fingers clenched over his mouth and the corners of his eyes grew hot with tears. Ferocity changed to sorrow, his feelings became jumbled. A rescue was needed, but not one like this, and he couldn’t bring himself to provide a sincere gratitude.

Instead, he looked down at men splayed out on the ground, some were still alive and had a likely chance to survive. So he walked up to one of the ones he could see was still alive, and knelt beside him, checking to see how badly damaged his body was; and for the first time in this whole event, the Little Prince ordered in a small, torn voice—

"Help me."


"He possessed two active volcanoes; and they were very convenient for heating his breakfast in the morning. He also had one volcano that was extinct.”

from The Little Prince

2014, graphite & gouache on paper

"Well girly things are that people consider only for girls," Tiana explained. "Like the color pink and dresses."



"So you are saying if I were to not mind the color pink, and find dresses to be very pretty, I am wiser than regular boys?"

"That is a peculiar assumption…"

"No sweetie," Tiana said. "It’s the way you talk. You are very eloquent."

"Oh!" was that what made him different? Well, it made a little more sense…sort of. He had to agree with her, though. There were boys he knew who spoke much differently than he, sometimes clarity was an issue for him.

"Grownups ask confusing questions already, one can explain less if they answer clearly."

"Well girly things are that people consider only for girls," Tiana explained. "Like the color pink and dresses."

"So you are saying if I were to not mind the color pink, and find dresses to be very pretty, I am wiser than regular boys?"

"That is a peculiar assumption…"

"Well a 'regular' boy is someone who is considered normal by society's standards I guess. People think little boys are suppose to be tough and hate girly things."

It was an odd thing to categorize boys like that, but he did have to admit the boys he’d met were fairly tough; however—

"What are "girly things"?"

"You're a lot wiser than most little boys I know dear."

"Then I am different than the boys you know, just as they are different from each other."

"But what is a regular little boy?” he pressed.