“The proof that the little prince existed is that he was charming, that he laughed, and that he was looking for a sheep. If anybody wants a sheep, that is a proof that he exists.”

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This just in! Le Parc de Petit Prince is now here in France

I swear I’m going to this next year when I’m in France whilst my sister is in her exchange year in Amsterdam :3



“The Mississippi River towns are comely, clean, well built, and pleasing to the eye, and cheering to the spirit. The Mississippi Valley is as reposeful as a dreamland, nothing worldly about it … nothing to hang a fret or a worry upon.”

                                                       ― Mark Twain, Life on the Mississippi

              Independent RP blog for Joe Harper
              from Mark  Twain's  The Adventures
              of Tom Sawyer
  and  The Adventures
              of        Huckleberry         Finn


My Patreon hit $100, and the milestone for that goal was to have Bunday be a for sure weekly thing!

Here’s a Little Bunny Prince for your Bunday.

Florence + The Machine
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Florence + The Machine - Cosmic Love (Acoustic Version)


The Little Prince by Laura Barocio


O pequeno príncipe + Hora de aventura


"I ‘spose she’d be alright with that" Joe agreed "So long as she ain’t got a clue that there’s anything wrong with me. I don’t want them thinkin that I need to be seein’ any sort of doctors or takin’ any kind of medicine. They’ve already gone through a funeral for me once and I don’t want them thinkin’ they’ll have to again soon on account of this sort of sickness.” 

Joe reached one of his hands out in front of himself while keeping the other tightly locked with this friend’s. While he knew his friend wouldn’t allow any harm to come to him, he wanted to have a small amount of an idea of whether he was about to run into something or not. 

"You’re gonna have to lead the way." He said quietly. "I ain’t fond of havin’ to move anywhere without bein’ able to see jist where I’m headed, but I trust you." 

Now lying was something the Prince was still new to, and even now he didn’t wish to try it unless absolutely necessary. But Joe needed his assistance, and if this was only temporary then it would be best if his parents knew as little about it as possible. He would just imply have to avoid mentioning Joe’s condition altogether, it wasn’t exactly lying, just not telling the whole truth. 

His smile had dissipated, uncertainty had weighed into his mind at the possible thought of lying to the Harpers, for a moment he’d forgotten Joe was blind and nodded his understanding before gently tugging him along.”Tread carefully, Joe. It is not a long walk,” he quietly informed.

It was all for his friend, the Little Prince concluded, Joe would do the same for him.

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Little Prince, do you believe in *whispers* ghosts?

"I have never met a ghost before…”

"But I suppose that does not mean they don’t exist on this planet."

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