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Chiefly British slang: a child.

Etymology: from German Kindchen, diminutive of Kind, ”child”.

[John Singer Sargent]


"And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye."

Natural Balance


"Excellent." Sakura comments once they make it through. She casts a glance behind them, and breathes a sigh in relief. "I think … I think we’re okay, now. For now. Maybe find a decent spot to rest…"

She follows along, the sword in her hand forming back into a simple tube of a metal-cane. “Actually, I am! Glad you noticed.” She grins. “What about you? Explorer or a native?”

He chuckled at her assumptions,”I am a prince from far away, but I suppose I could be called an explorer here.” The safest place he knew to rest was in the middle of the trail he followed, it was clear enough for them to spot any danger that might be approaching them but it was a bit of a walk, and he didn’t want to have to drag her so far when she was hurt.

"If you are an explorer," he continued, keeping his eye out for something that looked significantly safe,"do you have a geographer whom you give your findings to?"

Roughing Him


"Well then, you won’t, if it ain’t your intention. If it does happen on accident you can be honest and most folks’ll forgive you when they see it meant no harm—but don’t go tryin’ that in politics.”

Tom stood and dusted himself off, then offered a friendly hand to help the prince up as well. He didn’t care much that the younger boy was confused, that was easy to accomplish. He’ll get it sooner or later.

The prince gladly accepted the help up, but once he was standing properly up, the realization hit him and he wanted confirmation in case he’d done it right,”Does this mean I won that game?”


"Good. Everyone likes chocolate. Or, they tolerate it, at least." This would be much simpler than the pie. It was a 4 ingredient recipe. The piemaker was pleased - things didn’t get much simpler than that and it didn’t long at all to prepare.

The finished product looked good enough for Ned to make another glass for himself.


"Uh," Ned chuckled, "I would hope so. We did a lot of modifying. Kinda spicy, mostly sweet, smooth, a bit grainy, right? Here," he said pleasantly, placing a glass of milk in front of the Prince. Ned prepared a plate for himself; the pie was good and he was pleased. 

This treat had made the prince quite glad, he didn’t often get to tend to his sweet tooth and the Piemaker was spoiling him whether he intended to or not.

After he’d finished his slice of pie and taken a good few sips of the milk, the prince was still pondering on the Piemaker and what was keeping him from eating his own pie, so he simply asked,”Why do you need to be careful about eating your own pies?”