“The proof that the little prince existed is that he was charming, that he laughed, and that he was looking for a sheep. If anybody wants a sheep, that is a proof that he exists.”

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"You look ready to faint."




"You some type of medical pro-fess-i-on-al, Prince?" Dodger sneered, tucking his arms tightly around himself as he tried to lean against the alley wall, nearly slipping and taking a tumble to the ground before righting himself quickly.

And the truth was, mayhap he did feel a bit faint. Mayhap he had been feeling faint for awhile, well, a week anyway. But today was The Day, wasn’t it. An important day, in some respects. A day he’d rather not think too much about even though that was exactly what he was doing. What he had been doing for much too long.


Dodger scowled, any friendly feelings he might have had toward the boy for trying to catch him as he stumbled shoved away at the question. Sounded right judgmental, didn’t it. And my how deserving it was to come from a toff like the Prince. Dodger felt sick all over again, but for a very different reason this time. Stabilizing himself on the wall for a moment, he moved to push past the boy.

"I ain’t sick. And it ain’t any of your business."

The Prince stepped back from the other boy, not certain what it was he had done to disgruntle him.”But you look quite faintly…”

He considered leaving him alone, but felt it best to stick around in case his assistance was needed. It was best for Dodger to have someone to help in case he actually did collapse.

"Could you be hurt? I could help level you until you can walk on your own."

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{ The Grand Councilwoman complied with his request, using the control panel to zoom in on the quadrant the boy pointed to. To her, it looked like nothing but a couple of scattered asteroids. }


[ય ર લ ળ વ શ ષ સ] —

"Surely, you can’t live here.”

"Of course not, look there!"

He pointed to one of the asteroids, the smallest of them. A purple-ish grey in color, nothing much to it except for a red dot and…maybe that was a peek of a roof to a tiny house?

That is my home,” his eyes twinkled joyfully at the sight of his home, he hadn’t been gone for very long by now—just setting out on his new journey, and still he felt such pride and pleasure for his tiny kingdom.

"Of course it is not very big, that is why I have gone away."

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I actually headcanon that the Little Prince is actually a guardian angel for children. That he protects their hearts from getting cold and keeps them innocent until they're too old.

//Aww that’s a really cute headcanon, I like it! :’D

Guardian angel for kids huh? I can see that plainly, he’d definitely have an interest in protecting children.

If my character were an angel, what would they be guardian over?



A Gift From the King


Percival tilted his head, “Yes, of course. A cage is no place for any animal, however. Your gamekeeper should know better,” the fox commented, turning to face Marellus over his shoulder, waiting for him to leave the room’s domain. Returning his gaze to the prince, Percy took to his feet, paws moving silently across the floor as he circled Etoine, examining him. “You are most certainly a very kind child,” Percy added, sitting right in front of Etoine’s knees, giving his head a bit of a bow.

Catching the hint the fox was giving, the little prince straightened up and dismissed the hunter and the dressing servant. Giving his regards a final time before the doors shut behind them.

He watched his new companion curiously observe him from all sides, then settle before his knees. With a smile, he explained,”I am going to be a King some day, so I want to be as fair as my uncle is to me—

"Oh—…oh how foolish!" he glanced behind him as if looking for something he knew wasn’t there. He gave an annoyed huff before turning back to Percy with a sorry look,"It appears Marellus has forgotten to bring you a bed. Now where must I keep you for tonight?"

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    {✾} - “After all those years, I’ll never learn.” - {✾}

                                   {✾} - “Love.

          But you are a child, and should remain untroubled by a worry of this kind.” - {✾}


"It is children who understand love in its purest form. It is not until we have grown a little older do we lose strength to carry the pain that comes with that love.

"Sometimes they choose not to love at all so they do not endure that pain. It is simple, but it makes life rather dull for them."



The wound still looked dirty and smeared than clean, that was the fault in not having a wet rag, but he took the rolls of bandages and undid them so as to cover the wound.

"You must fight an awful lot to carry bandages around. That is good, humans are very strong but not so fortunate to mend completely overnight. Such vulnerable creatures."

Enya kept her breath steady and kept still. Part of her wanted to avoid the touching, but only so much. She… vaguely remembered him. He was nice. Mo need to be scared.

"Uh. Nah, I just get hurt a lot. Trippin and whatnot." She glanced back at him, a quirk in her eyebrow. "Are you… not human? I-I can’t be sure, but you sure look like a human kid.”

He slowed his mending to give her a look as if saying ‘Well, what do you think?’. He smiled and chuckled as he returned his pace,”I am a prince.”

It sounded like a conceited answer, for a prince to think him inhuman, but it was in honesty. He wasn’t a human, he was a person—a child, an “alien”, a traveler, a Prince. 

You look human, what are you called?”


characters who have never had families building found families are very important to me

characters who have never had friends forging their first friendships are very important to me